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NSR - Professional Offset Marshal Bench Tool

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Release date: 31 March 2023Youtube movie from NSR explaining the toolThe NSR Offset Marshall is a new High-Tech Bench Tool used for checking the regularity of y

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Release date: 31 March 2023

Youtube movie from NSR explaining the tool

The NSR Offset Marshall is a new High-Tech Bench Tool used for checking the regularity of your NSR cars.  

If you want to tune your car and join competitions against other drivers, you will absolutely need this tool to verify if your (and others) cars are regular or not.  

One of the most important parameters to check during the races is the Offset of the cars.  

It really affects the performance of the car, specially when everybody have to use fixed wheels.  

Cheated cars with offset out of standard will have much more magnetic downforce and also a lower weight balancement, unfairly taking advantages from the other drivers and out of the correct spirit of the club/official competitions. 

The new NSR bench tool verifies if rear axle and motor’s height are standard as from the original model. 

No more worries about unregular car.  

The Offset Marshall checks the regularity of the models in a very simple and extremely precisious way.  

 You only need to put the provided allumium components on your car (motor and wheels), then put your car on metal plate and switch the power to ON. 

 If your car is regular the red light will not blink, it means everything is OK.  

If your car is NOT regular the red light will blink: the motor is touching the metal plate because of some cheat detected on your car (low motor position/high rear axle position/banana chassis etc…).   

No way to escape from the NSR Offset Marshall.  

Competitions will be more equal than ever.  All metal parts are extremely precision with a very close tolerance (0,01 mm). 

The tool include a set of parts for each NSR category.  

We highly recommend this tool to all Slot Clubs and pro racers, it is extremely usefull to ensure the cars are regular for competitions.  

NSR Offset Marshall will be officially used in all future NSR competition, including the World Race Endurance 2023.