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Scalextric - Advanced 6 Car Digital Powerbase (BESTÄLLNINGSVARA - Maila oss)

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Ej i lager, tas hem mot BESTÄLLNING With the Advanced 6 car Digital Powerbase you can now race up to 6 cars on a Scalextric Digital layout at the same time

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Artikelnummer: C7042

Ej i lager, tas hem mot BESTÄLLNING

 With the Advanced 6 car Digital Powerbase you can now race up to 6 cars on a Scalextric Digital layout at the same time. 

The unit has a clear user interface with two levels of features to suit both the novice and experienced user.
The Skill Level option allows you to adjust the maximum power levels to individual cars so that novice versus expert races can be run more fairly.
Hand throttles can be calibrated to equalise controller performance across for all drivers.
Multiple gaming modes including solo rally, timed endurance and total lap format racing.
Setting the car ID is easy via a simple, one-button action.
This Powerbase is upgraded to 15v for better car performance.
This new Powerbase can be used in Analogue or Digital power modes. This great feature allows the Powerbase to be used with standard 2-lane Scalextric circuits (for 2 cars only) or with Scalextric Digital layouts The race modes can be used in either power configuration.
Now the best of both worlds is offered - an all-in-one race control system for analogue and Digital racing.


Ny information från Internationella Slotforum.
Använd ej i analogt läge tillsammans med Digital Curve Lane Change C7007, C7008, C7009, C7010.
Orsakar kortslutning och skada på powerbasen.

Attention should be given to the type of track pieces used when using the C7042 Advanced Powerbase in Analogue mode. This mode simulates the traditional way of using Scalextric with car in each lane. It is necesary to avoid track configurations whereby lane 1 is linked to lane 2 to create an electrical short circuit. In a Digital circuit this is fine and, in fact, desirable.

It is important to ensure the following track configuration rules are applied when using C7042 6-car Advanced Powerbase in ANALOGUE mode:

1/ Ensure lane 1 and lane 2 of the powerbase are not linked together by configuration of the circuit layout.
2/ Ensure a crossover such as a Racing Curve doesn't cause lanes 1 & 2 to come together.
3/ Ensure the use of Pit Lane lane change track pieces do not cause lane 1 & 2 to come together.
4/ Ensure any power booster cables used for a Digital circuit do not link lanes 1 & 2 together.
5/ Some Lane Change track pieces may have factory installed link wires between lanes 1 & 2. The link wires should be disconnected via the access cover on the underside of the track piece. To check if a lane change track piece has these wires simlpy undo the access cover and observe if flat copper strips link lanes 1 & 2. Do not do anything at this stage. Decide whether you want to do this. Replacing the Digital track pieces and/or cross-over track pieces with regular track pieces is the preferred solution to avoid damage or warranty issues.